Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Walkin' Around and Clapping

The other day in La Jolla.

Axel is getting super good at walking! Today, he walked all the way around the sofa without falling. He also walked through the kitchen, to the front door, past his room, through our room, and into the dining room...and he only fell a few times. This video captures most of that trip. He's awesome. He's so awesome in this one that he decided to cheer for himself! Yesterday was his first time really clapping. He likes to give high fives and touch fingers Sistine Chapel style, but he never liked clapping (and he still doesn't wave). He clapped once in Boise, but that was it--until yesterday. Now he loves to clap!

BTW...We are heading to Hawaii tomorrow! Yay! Now I'm the one clapping...

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