Sunday, August 8, 2010

Here in Hawaii, not unlike at home, Axel gets up pretty early. When we wake up, everybody else is still asleep, so we go for a walk around Lanikai. Here's Axel, relaxin'.

After our walk this morning, Axel spent some time playing with Kaile's dollhouse. I think he was practicing his demolition skills. I don't think he needs any more practice.

This morning, Stacey had a canoe race, and I decided to go cheer her on and experience the paddling thing. She's a member of Lanikai Canoe Club, and these were the state championships. Paddling is the state sport of Hawaii, so it was kind of a big deal. Here's her crew, getting ready to head to the starting line.

And here they are, heading out. The race went pretty well, and then she had a second race that went well, and then we headed home. During the second race, Axel and I walked around to the clothing and food booths and ate a smoothie. It was way too hot at that place, and I was actually a little worried about Axel. I kept pouring water on his head. It's late, and I'm tired, so I'll just say, "He was fine, but he wasn't thrilled with the whole experience...until I started feeding him Jamba Juice."

And they're off!!!

After the races, we walked down to the beach with the kids and Eric. We felt bad for not hanging out with Eric or Kai all day (they didn't want to go to the races, because they knew it would be hot and sweaty), so it was cool to go down to the beach as a group.

Uncle bought Axel an Aqua Baby while we were out at the races. He and Stacey know the person who invented it! It's super cool, and Axel is completely in love with it! He's so brave.

Kai, Axel, and Auntie.

Ax and Auntie and the Aqua Baby.

The Axe Man LOVING his boogie board.

Super Kai paddling her surfboard.

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