Friday, October 1, 2010

Grandma's visit and a future Bob the Builder

Grandma was here since Tuesday, and she just left this afternoon. She and Axel had the BEST time playing together. They played chase, and they stacked blocks and put shapes through their corresponding holes. She agrees he must be very smart, btw. :) He even gave her snuggles, which he normally reserves for Brillo and me. They had lots of fun together.

One thing they had fun with was Axel's tool set, a birthday present from his daddy via his mommy. ;)

Look at that concentration!

I can't believe how adept he is at using the screw driver properly!

It takes a very steady hand!

Of course, Brillo is usual.

Axel is definitely his daddy's son when it comes to his interest in tools. It is obvious to his grandmother and me that he is a very smart boy, and I think these photos and videos illustrate that. He has an enormous attention span for such a young little tyke, and his hand-eye coordination is dazzling. He sat in Brillo's bed with my mom and played with his tools for at least half an hour. Amazingly enough, here you will see him actually stick the Phillips head screw driver into the bolt and turn it. You'll also see him put the bolts through the small holes with each hand. Alas, you will see him using the saw like a wild man, also not unlike his father.