Sunday, May 23, 2010

It's Me or the Dog

The highlight of our Sunday was meeting Victoria Stilwell, from It's Me or the Dog. She asked to hold Axel for the photo, and she autographed a copy of her book, inscribing it to all three of us. She's my hero, because of her awesomeness at training dogs. When training Brillo, I often ask myself, "What would Victoria Do?" That usually helps me figure out most doggy obedience issues. Victoria, we love you! (Of course, I should have asked her how to keep him from eating things he shouldn't, like socks, panties, and macadamia nuts...)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Giggle Monster

My boy was in a very giggly mood this evening while preparing for his bath. He's so awesome...

Brillo Update:

Brillo wouldn't eat all day after throwing up several times Thursday morning, and he threw up again around midnight. He was also straining to poop. Since that's the same behavior that eventually led up to a $1000 veterinary ER bill a couple of months ago, I was concerned. The poor baby was uncomfortable and restless Thursday night, but he eventually managed to settle down and go to sleep.

He still wouldn't eat the next morning, so I decided to take him in. He did seem a bit perkier, but it was Friday, so I feared another trip to the ER if he took a turn for the worse over the weekend when my vet would be closed.

He spent the day under observation at the clinic, but by the end of the day, they hadn't witnessed any poop or puke. I picked him up with instructions to feed him a bland diet and monitor him. As soon as we got home, after a stop at Henry's to buy his chicken and cottage cheese (because I have to cook for him, since he won't eat the canned food I promised the vet to exclusively feed him), he ran into the backyard as fast as he could. Like a pet detective, I followed to see what he was going to do. He pooped, and upon inspection, I discovered a bouncy-ball-sized dark object in his poop, along with a wad of grass (which he had been eating like a fiend to try to get whatever was in him to pass). I knew immediately what the object was: a macadamia nut off my neighbor's tree. We've been unsuccessful at keeping Brillo from running over there to steal nuts ever since he discovered them last year. He shucks them, cracks them, and extracts the raw, meaty goodness out of their center. How he discovered how to do that, I'll never know. Have you ever tried to crack a mac nut? I think they're constructed of forged steal. Not. Easy.

I'd always known the day would come when he would either choke on a nut or get a hideous blockage from swallowing one. We can thank God he didn't choke, and that he was able to pass it, because that thing never would have shown up on an xray. Whew! I wonder if he'll be as eager to eat those nuts, now. Knowing him, I suspect he will...

Ouch. That's gonna leave a mark...

Friday, May 21, 2010

That's not beef jerkey...

This is the scene I was treated to when I peaked my head over the couch to investigate why Axel was being so quiet.

I know it looks like my boy is having a beef jerky party...

...and he's the only one invited...

...but looks can be deceiving.

Nope. That's not beef jerkey. Those sticks are Brillo's duck and chicken "Smart Dog Snacks." I'm just glad I was able to get them away from Axel before he started chasing cats.

Still diggin' that push wagon!

Axel, being the adventurous son of two adult monkeys, found another creative way to play with his wagon.

As soon as I put Axel down on the floor to play in the living room this morning, he bee-lined for his new walker wagon, stood up, and tried to take off. It was up against his rocking horse and Brillo's bed, though, so he couldn't go anywhere. He was pumping his body back and forth as hard as he could, to no avail. Poor thing. I turned it around and he took off, TURNED THE CORNER, and practically ran across the room to Brillo's dog door. It was soooo cool. And when he can't walk with it, he plays with the wooden blocks I put in its little compartment. We sure do love this toy!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Some stills of the awesome new toy...

He is soooo proud of himself!

He can either push, or be pushed.

If he gets a baby brother or sister, he can push him or her around. This is an heirloom toy.

Mommy, get your butt off of my wagon! You're too heavy!

Each of these images was taken at my neighbor's house. The little guy is Lynn's dog, Slugger, who also happens to be Brillo's best friend. They are 4 days apart in age.

Brillo isn't feeling well today. We went to Fiesta Island Dog Beach, and he was fine, but he puked up all his breakfast after we returned home this morning. He won't eat now, not even his favorite treats, so I'll have to keep an eye on him. Poor baby. I hope he feels better tomorrow!!!

New Favorite Toy

Last week, after more than a month of trying not to, I finally broke down and ordered the HABA Walker Wagon for Axel. It cost a pretty penny, but I think it's worth every cent. Axel crawled all over it and me while I put it together, and once it was assembled, he took off like a shot. I think it will give him the confidence he needs to start walking. When you compare the first video, which documents his first attempt at using it this morning, with the later videos, captured this evening, you can already detect improvement. He's less herky-jerky after using it a handful of times. Of course, I think he's waiting to walk until my mom comes to visit in a couple of weeks. After all, he crawled AND sprouted his first teeth the last time she visited!


Brillo overtakes the little driver in this one.

Still getting the hang of it. Either he thinks it's bumper cars, or he needs a breathalyzer...

A pint-sized case of road rage...

An almost flawless down and back.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Today, Axel had fun playing with Brillo...

...and helping me do the laundry...

He had a blast playing in the laundry basket. I distinctly remember loving the laundry basket as a kid. I remember getting underneath it and using it as a fort/cage. Axel had fun putting all of his toys into the basket, and taking them out. I had trouble getting the folding done, so I gave him his own empty one to play in. He crawled in and out of there on his own.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My bad. As of TODAY, Axel has been outside of me for as long as he was inside me.
I just realized that, as of last Wednesday, Axel has been alive as long as I was pregnant with him. Trippy.

These are for Daddy

I had these drum sticks on the floor, and The Boy came along and picked them up. These images should make his daddy very, very proud. We might have another drummer in the family!

Playing the air drums.

Wait a minute; how do these things work?

Oh, I know what to do with these things...
Crawling under and through the coffee table.

He used to get stuck under here and cry for help, but now he's got it all figured out.

Recently, Axel discovered the joy of using Brillo's bed as a tumbling mat. He crawls in to play whether Brillo is occupying the bed, or not.

Hill Climbing

My little dirt lover has gotten really good at climbing this little dirt hill at my neighbor's house. He can go up and down it all day, with ease. He's getting very close to walking, I think. I can let go of his hands now, and he'll stand for several seconds before realizing he is doing something he thinks can't be done. I've ordered him a little push wagon from HABA, and I am anxious to see him try it out when it arrives. I think it'll give him the confidence he needs to start walking.

In this video, you will see that going down can be as tricky as going up...

He's more interested in playing than in sampling the food.

Axel wore his new tie to "Taste of La Mesa" last night, at the community center. A whole lot of local restaurants came out with samples of their food, drink, and desserts. It was fun, and Axel sampled everything that involved noodles.

Check out those chompers! And, by the looks of that drool spigot, more are coming...

Chillin' in the front yard...

Monday, May 17, 2010

My little bub in his Mr. Noah "Bruiser" necktie, by Peanut Posh. Irresistible!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Getting ready for the summertime fun! Axel is all signed up for swim lessons in Boise in July. He can't wait to go visit Grandma and get started!

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

He's so proud of his crawling skills!

Axel crawling at warp speed in the front lawn.