Sunday, August 8, 2010

Getting There

Chillin' out in Suraya's stroller at Cosmos, before heading to the airport. He always puts his feet up. Haha.

In case you're wondering about how the flight to Hawaii with a one-year-old went...

...It was fairly uneventful!

Axel was a little squirrely on the way to LAX, and I had to work to keep him still in my lap. He was mostly quiet, though, so my seat mate and I were the only ones bothered--oh, and the guy across the aisle from me. My seat mate was very friendly, and he was a dad, so he was helpful and understanding. He was also an extreme conservative, like me, so we talked politics the whole 23-minute flight. Heh.

We didn't have long to wait at LAX before boarding the flight to HON. We had time to grab a CPK salad for me, and black beans for Ax. We also had time for Axel to do several laps around the terminal and climb on some of the seats. We topped that off with a diaper change and a teaspoon of Benadryl before boarding, and we were on our way!

We sat next to Joni and Chachi (not his real name, but I can't remember his real name), and they are parents to a 3 and 5-year-old. It's always such a relief to sit next to parents or grandparents, because they are generally very understanding of little ones and the plight of their weary parents. Joni and Chachi were awesome!

Axel and I had to walk up and down the aisles about 100 times, and I'm sure people were tired of seeing us pass by. I had a couple of bloody Mary's, so I wasn't too tired of it. He got restless, but he was quiet. We played with some toys, and we also watched some Baby Einstein. That worked for a while. Keeping him busy was a bit of a chore, but he was good.

The biggest hassle was having to carry so much crap. I hope the load will be lighter on the way home. I won't have so much formula and diapers, for one thing, and I've offloaded my gifts, for another. But I do expect we'll have a few little gifties from Axel's B-day on the way home. No biggie.

We were relieved when all of our bags arrived, especially since our backpack had been missing for about 10 minutes. We were the last to retrieve all of our stuff. Our GoGo Babies car seat stroller was awesome, by the way, and it received lots of compliments. Much easier than the stroller for security checkpoints!

Seeing Eric and Kaile at the airport was awesome, and we each got a beautiful lei. Axel wasn't thrilled when I tried to take his picture with it, but I thought it was cute.

I'll blog later about how awesome Eric and Stacey's house is. You should see the view! Wow.

Jet set baby. Boarding the commuter to LAX.

Terminal monkey. Getting ready to fly to Honolulu.

He was like this for the first 1.5 hours or so.

Watching Baby Einstein.

Driving home from the airport with Cousin Kaile. We made it!

Not loving the lei.

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