Saturday, August 14, 2010

The North Shore

Today, Eric, Kai, Axel, and I went to the North Shore to do a little shopping and grab a shaved ice. I wanted to see the shore and pick up a pair of Pyrameds at Surf and Sea beach shop. Pyrameds are flip flops (slippers) that are wide and built up enough to give a snow shoe effect when walking on sand. I really want them for dog beach in Coronado, where the sand can be hot and oh-so-pointy in spots. Brillo agrees it can be painful to walk on, and if they made sand slippers for dogs, I'd get him a pair...err...two pair...

After our drive North, we hit Costco on the way home, for Axel's bigger party. Then, we had a mini house party with friends Roxanne and Shane. We decided to walk off our Roxy Passion Coolers with a jaunt around Lanikai when we discovered Roxy's car had been broken into, purse and iPhone gone. Anyhow, a wonderful evening was ruined by some thugs who thought it would be fine to break a window and make off with some valuables and cause a huge inconvenience to two innocent and kind citizens. F'ers. Rot in hell, thieves.

See ya'll tomorrow...on Axel's unofficial b-day. We are planning on seeing my cousin Matt and his gf Kate, plus my best friend from middle school and her folks. Love them. Aloha.

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