Monday, August 9, 2010

Axel enjoyed playing in his own private lagoon.

Yesterday, we went out to the twin islands off of Kailua known as the Mokes. We got there in Eric's OC-4, or 4-man ocean canoe. Their friend Noni and her daughter Noelani went with us, so we had 3 paddlers, three kids, and me. It was a great day for Axel to make the journey, since the waves weren't bad, and it went very smoothly. Axel didn't like sitting in my lap, but he did enjoy sitting on the floor of the canoe and playing in the puddle.

At the Mokes, we set up a shade tent and met up with more friends of friends for some beach fun. We hiked around to the backside, where Eric and Kaile like to jump off the cliffs. I like to jump off the cliffs, too, but not with Axel. Ha. The little hike was fun, and Axel seemed to enjoy it.

Back at the beachy side, the tide had come up and created a little pool area that was perfect for Axel to play in. It was shallow and warm, and Ax Man had a ton of fun digging sand and playing with a new little 13-month-old buddy he met there.

Digging in the sand and water.

His new little buddy really liked the Aqua Baby.

Kai and Axel playing on the beach at high tide.

Axel and Kai in the lagoon, plus a cameo by Axel's new friend.

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