Monday, August 2, 2010

New Wheels.

Cutest driver in the world!

Got my rag top down so my hair can blow...

When we were in Boise, Axel played with his friend Sloane's Little Tikes car. I pushed him around in it for the longest time, and I think he would have sat there and let me push him for hours. It was so cool.

Sooo...when we saw the same car for sale at Babies R Us this morning, I had to buy it. Since he doesn't know what day his birthday is, we put it together and drove it around. HE LOVE IT! It's the best $60 I've ever spent. We drove it downtown (La Mesa), and we even drove it to, and into, Henry's supermarket to pick up a few items. It was really fun. Just like a stroller, only better!

Axel is a terrific driver, and he already knows how to honk the horn and fill 'er up with gas!

Fill 'er up!

I love my new car!

I can even operate the door...although I prefer to just climb through the window, Dukes of Hazard style.

Ready to take the car out of the box and put it together.

Workin' under the hood. Installing the steering wheel. Note the screwdriver he put in the steering wheel's spot.

Helping Mommy put the coup together.

Pushing the car.

A video of Ax walking. Here ya go, Daddy. As promised.

Walking, crashing, spending, and yammering.

Playing with the car, gurgling, etc.

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