Monday, August 16, 2010

Beach and Playground, by Bike...

Our wheels.

Today, we were without a car, so we went to Kailua Beach Park and the Lanikai playground on Eric's bicycle. Kai sat on the handlebars like she does with Daddy, and Axel was in his backpack. We had a bucket on back, and a saddlebag, both full of gear. I think people thought I was nuts, and I'm sure they thought I should have been charged with child endangerment due to our lack of helmets, but it was fun. It worked.

Sand monster!

Kailua Beach Park

First, pedaled out of Lanikai to Kailua Beach, where we swam and played in the sand for awhile. Then we all loaded up onto the bike again and went down to Kalapawai Market to eat our lunch. There, Kaile decided she wanted to go to the playground, so we pedaled back to Lanikai, to the Canoe Club's park area. The playground there is awesome, with a padded floor and, most importantly, a couple of large shade trees. Axel and Kai both had a wonderful time.


Axel amazed me when he sat in the swing, got one push from me, and immediately and spontaneously started pumping until he was going even higher than he did with my push! What? How the heck did he know how to do that? He leaned forward and backward, in perfect cadence with the to and fro motion. Look at the video. It'll blow your mind.

How did my 1-year-old learn how to swing? I swear, he was trying to go higher!

He amazed me a second time when he climbed onto the slide and went halfway up it with no help. Watch the video; it'll show you how he went sideways to shimmy up it. So funny. He's a natural climber, and we already knew that, but I was still floored by the slide climbing. He also kept climbing from the ground to the top of the slide, via the steps; no surprise.

Climbing the slide.

Serious contemplation on the slide.

Kai slid down the slide several times with Ax in her lap. What a good cousin!

Traffic jam...

Climbing on the climby things.

Giving Hans some love.

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