Friday, August 20, 2010

And....We're Home.

It was really hard for us to say goodbye Tuesday night before leaving for our red eye home to San Diego. We knew we were going to miss our Kaile (and Eric and Stace), and we do. Waaa! I wish we lived closer!

Here we are on the tarmac in San Diego, following our 20-minute flight from LAX.

We had quite an uneventful flight, thank God, with Axel sleeping pretty much the entire way home! Of course, I couldn't really sleep while holding him in a sleeping position, but I did watch a terrible movie in which Queen Latifah hooks up with an older b-ball player. Soooo awful. Terrible acting, predictable plot, awful storyline.

My sweet boy on the commuter. There were empty seats, so he got to sit in his car seat and sleep. Very nice.

And here he is nodding off. He slept the whole way.

And here we are waiting for our ride, which was 20 minutes late. Thanks a lot, Terremoto. He slept all the way home to our front door. So nice.

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