Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Axel's First Haircut!

His long locks contributed to his "foot-loose and fancy-free" look.

I was trying to wait until Dave gets home to take Axel for his first haircut, but it was getting too out of control. His long, luscious locks were constantly in his eyes, and I didn't really like his unkempt appearance. It was cute a lot of the time, but often it just looked too long. Dave and I loved how it looked in Hawaii, with his bangs and all just long enough to look like a cute little surfer boy, so I asked Dave whether he'd mind if we cut it a bit to more closely resemble our Hawaii boy. Hair isn't a huge deal, but we were hoping that could be one "first" Dave could witness first hand.

Of course, Dave agreed, and Axel and I went with Grandma to see my stylist, Kathryn, at Armonia Skin Care in Bird Rock. I met her when she did my hair for our wedding, and I've been going to her ever since. There's nobody I'd rather have snip the virgin locks of my child than her. She did an A++ job. Oh, and she captured a sniplet [sic] of hair for his baby book, too. Take a look at the photos of our big day!

These are the photos that ultimately led to the first haircut...

My friend, Deb, thought it would be funny to put her daughter Suraya's bow in Axel's long locks.

He looks so pretty...!

He never seemed to mind the hair in his eyes.

These are photos of Axel just before his hair appointment.

Kathryn really has a way with Axel and was able to style him beautifully.

Axel was perfect during his sheering. He seemed mesmerized by the scissors and comb.

Kathryn had him sit in my lap so I could wrangle him. He sat like a little angel.

Trimming the curls in back.

Almost finished!

Here's the right side...

...and the left!

Axel and Kathryn, World's Greatest Hairstylist!


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Baby steps...

Walking down the sidewalk before the weather went from cool to hot again. Nice outfit, right???

Sorry for being a blogging dud. Woops. When you get behind, it is really hard to start again. So, I'll start with a few recents [SIC]:

Tub time this evening. We just discussed it a moment ago: Daddy has agreed we can cut his hair--but not TOO much!

Playing with a "new toy" that he discovered under the bathroom sink...

So colorful!

Trying to give Daddy his favorite ball...

Here, Daddy! Take this ball!

Daddy! I can touch you!