Friday, August 6, 2010

Aloha, Hawaii!!!

Kaile, Axel, and me in Lanikai.

We're in Hawaii! The house Eric and Stacey are trying to buy (short sale) is AWESOME! It's a fab place with a million-dollar view, and I know they will make it gorgeous inside if they get to buy it. It's really nice, and Axel and I are staying in our own private apartment downstairs. Pretty cool, huh? It's quiet down there, and that helps Axel nap. He's been having trouble sleeping since we arrived, but I think it's mostly because I stupidly switched bottles on him. He'd been using Dr. Brown's for colic and gas, and I thought he didn't need them anymore. I'm very lazy and decided I should switch to avoid having to wash 5 parts when I could be washing two. Big mistake! He woke up screaming several times, and it was very difficult to get him down for bed and for his naps. He usually goes down on command, but not here. Of course, the other problem is a three-hour time difference and an over-tired baby. Poor booger. Also, he has a cold that's bugging him...and he's teething. So, poor littler guy. He's napping now, though, and we're going on two hours. I hope I'm able to get him to bed sometime tonight. It's almost 8 pm at home. Yikes.

Today, Kaile stayed home from her Summer Fun program to hang out with Axel and me while her parents were at work. We went to the PX and the Commissary, and then we took a walk down to the beach to swim. Axel had so much fun! He swam like a wild man, kicking and splashing and trying to squirm away from me. He wanted to swim on his own! I even dunked his face under AND had him lay back and put his head in the water, without protest! He's awesome. When I put him on the beach, he headed straight into the crashing waves, Axelberry style. So awesome. Kaile was awesome, too, and she was a big help with Ax. Fun!

A mer-man/siren. Heh.

Look at Kaile! She's so strong!

Kai took this picture. She's very proud of herself. I'm proud of her, too! Those are the Mokes in the background.

Another great shot by Kai Kai.


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  1. Aloha ......
    Beautiful swimming at the beach on a sunny day in the hot summer
    but u forget uplood a movie we want see