Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My boy this morning. Look at that HAIR! I know it's too long, but it is SO CUTE!

This morning, we decided to forgo a hike up Cowles Mountain, because we decided we'd visit Grandma today. Instead, we took a "drive" down to Cosmos for a Chai. Axel is a very relaxed driver.

We had a blast at Grandma's. We had a delicious lunch, played outside by the koi pond, walked around and around, and did a little dancing. Axel remembers Grandma and really responds to her! He also really loves Petey Bird.

Axel loves his great grandmother.

Two of the most cherished people in my life: A Berry and my grandmother. They are dancing to "All That Jazz." Precious.

After Grandma's, we "drove" downtown again, this time with Suraya and Deb. While waiting for a "to-go" sushi, A Berry, walked around downtown.

He walked around A LOT!

We ate our sushi on the front porch. I bought Axel a terriyaki bowl, but he preferred my sushi!

Look, Daddy! I love sushi! (Notice the runny nose. I'm taking him in to see if they'll give him a decongestant so our flight to Hawaii Thursday doesn't kill his ears.)

Axel and Suraya played with Axel's new fountain toy during dinner.

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