Sunday, July 18, 2010

Yesterday? Fun. Today? Not so much.

Yesterday, We went on a bike ride in the morning. Brillo, Axel, and I all had fun. Then, we went to the River and Brillo swam. Then? We had a nap. After that, we went on another bike ride. Brillo was so hot. So what did we do? We went to the river and watched him swim. We stayed a long time and had all sorts of fun.

Today, we went to the emergency veterinarian. Why? Well, last night, Brillo was chewing at his paw. Uh oh. Sure enough, he had a big fox tail (a California term), or piece of cheat grass (Idaho term) stuck between his toes, working its way into his skin. He wouldn't let me get it, of course, so I knew I would have to to go to the vet. No biggie, I thought, because my mom has a good one. He always needs sedation for stuff like that, because he WILL NOT tolerate any funny business concerning his feet. Anyway, his nails were too long (no funny business, remember?), and his anal gland needed expressing (I'm the one who won't tolerate THAT funny business).

So, the next morning, I waited until 8:00 and called the vet. Closed? OH! DUH! It's Sunday. It figures. Brillo only needs immediate attention on weekends, that way we get to pay a premium at the emergency clinic. So, we all piled into the car for a fun trip downtown.

When we got there, there was a call from a frantic woman who's dog had swallowed a whole bottle of her other dog's Phenobarbital and was unresponsive. Crap! Poor doggie! So, we didn't mind having to wait while everyone helped that patient. I still don't know if he made it. He was cool looking, like a coon hound, or something. Anyway, they finally checked him and gave me an estimate, and I had to leave him there because of how busy they were. That was around 1000, and we had arrived at 0900. When I told the tech I brought him in because he requires sedation for that sort of thing, she said, "Well, he is a Griffon." What? Are all griffs like that? "Yes, they're all a little sensitive." Well, that cleared up a big mystery for me. I couldn't fathom why Brillo was such a wuss. Now I know it's just in his blood. He's a tender little guy!

We finally got to pick him up around 1500. Axel, of course, had slept a little bit on our way home from dropping him off, which meant he had only a short nap and wouldn't go to bed once we'd arrived home. And he usually goes down again at\1530, so he missed yet another nap. As I type, he still has not gone to bed. I'm about to try to put him down again, though. Guess I'll wrap this up. Suffice it to say, yesterday was more fun than today. Brillo had better be glad he's so freaking cute...!

Yesterday's fashion show at the river.

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