Friday, July 23, 2010

The Importance of Poop.......Bags.

Today, the Ax Man discovered the poop bag dispenser behind my parents' house. I showed him how to pull a bag out, and now he is a bag pulling fool! By the time I finished snapping pictures of him, he had OD'd on NINE bags. That's a lot of poop-scooping capability!

Axel and Brillo and I are having fun here in Boise. Every day, we swim, ride bikes, look for quail, and go to the river. During each of these activities, minus the swim part, it is important to always be armed with a poop bag for Brillo's little...indiscretions. It seems Axel has learned how to be a responsible pet owner.

Axel is campaigning to bring awareness to the importance of picking up after your pet.

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