Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ba-bada-baaaaah, bada-ba-ba-ba-baaaaaaaaa!

Drum roll, please...

Tippy, tippy, tippy toe! Look at me!!! Here I go!

This evening, I decided to take Axel and Brillo out back to wind them down before bed. The neighbors were out, so we walked over there to say hi. Axel loves to climb in their great-big fountain. And when I say climb, I mean climb. It's quite a feat to go to the top of that waterfall, and Axel did it over and over again. Afterward, I decided to try and see if he would practice walking from me to Lisa or one of the girls. When we were at Marcia's earlier, he did take several steps from me to her and back. He started that a couple of weeks ago between my mom and me, but I noticed a change in his attitude today. He seemed more eager and less tentative. With my folks away at their boat, we have been doing a lot of one-hand strolling, but I suspected he needed to span the gap between two people to really get going.

Well, boy were we all in for a big surprise! I WISH I had captured it on film, because it blew us all away. I let go of him, and he ran more than 10 steps, hands straight up in the air like an orangutan, right to Lisa. It was mind bottling [sic].

I pulled out the iPhone and managed to capture some more excellent moments. The videos show one hell of a gung-ho kid! He seemed genuinely thrilled at our cheers, and he was definitely showing off for us. He's quite the ham. (Earlier today, I was photographing him stacking mac'n cheese cups, and he cried when I put the camera down. He wasn't finished hamming it up.)

Anyway, I am really excited, because I wanted him walking before our trip to Hawaii next month. Also, I think he and Brillo will become really tight once Brillo realizes how fun it is to play chase with The Boy.

Enjoy these videos of my little drunken sailor. They are priceless.

Are you KIDDING me? Wow!

Here I go! No coaxing required.

False start, with an exceptional finish.

Here I come, Mommy! I'm an orangutan!

I'm so proud of myself! I didn't even crash until Mommy grabbed my arm.

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