Saturday, July 3, 2010

Lil' Scoot

Picking through the rocks today. (Photo not related to this posting. I just wanted a photo from today up top.)

Axel's latest fad is pushing objects around the floor while crawling. It started several weeks ago when he would just kind of go from playing with something to crawling with it. He started carying things around with him all the time, click, click, clicking down the hall with the object, picking it up and setting it down with each "step."

Eventually, that sort of carry evolved into a push, the way a lot of kids do while playing with cars. And, actually, Axel loves to push cars across the floor. He also likes to push his turtle across the floor. And he likes to push paper and cardboard across the floor. Basically, the boy pushes everything he gets his grubby little hands all across the floor.

Lately, his go-to item has been Brillo's food and water dishes. He slides those things all over the place, and I often have to go on a little Easter egg hunt for them before I can feed the poor poochie. To illustrate what I've been rambling about, I've attached three little videos. Enjoy...

Out of the kitchen and into the living room. Poor Brillo.

This is a little something we call "the double push." It's an advanced move.

In this video, Axel is really taking a stand. Heh, heh. You'll see what I mean.

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