Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Buddy

This is the view I had this morning.

Axel was all snuggly this morning, so I brought him into bed with me...and he promptly fell asleep on my pillows (not a euphemism, haha). Brillo is an excellent snuggler, but I needed a little extra this morning, and Axel provided it. I just wished he'd provided it a little later. I was TIE-ERRD!

Today, after our morning ride/hunt, we mowed the lawn. Fun! Axel enjoyed riding in my backpack while I mowed--until I stooped under a low branch but didn't stoop low enough for Axel
s head to clear it. Bonk! Woops. After soothing him, I decided to put him in his play pen while I did the back yard, but he was having none of that. He wailed until I put him back into his happy place: the Kelty pack, securely attached to my back. It makes me think he might need a toy lawn mower for his upcoming birthday. He rather liked mowing the lawn.

After mowing and eating, it was time for a nap. Later, we did a fun little bike ride/quail hunt with Brillo, and then we packed into the car and drove to the river so the B-man could cool off. Axel made me walk all over the park with him while Brillo played with dogs, hunted butterflies, pestered children, and swam. Even here in Idaho, where the breed is a bit more common thanks to the greater preponderance of bird hunters, Brillo still garners tons of attention and inquiries. He's such a rock star.

We dropped Brillo off at home after our river fun, and Axel and I went to Fred Myers for pool toys. I wanted to buy him a kick board, because he really likes the one he used in swim class. Target is too far away, and Freddies has all sorts of stuff. Think (Mini) Target and Ace meet Albertson's. Unfortunately, they didn't have any kick boards. Fortunately, they did have a wicked-awesome sale on kids' clothes and toys. I bought several shirts and shorts for $4 each, and I bought three toys for 60% off! He loves stacking and nesting toys, so I bought two, and I could NOT pass up the hugenormous Tonka dump truck as an early birthday present. He loves scooting things across the floor, and I've been dying to get him a Tonka truck. I'll post pictures of him loving his new truck as soon as I download the big camera. He loves that thing--and it's practically bigger than he is!

Mmmm. Red Vines!

After playing outside a bit, walking all over the grassy common area, pulling the poop bags out of their housing, eating Red Vines, and getting trampled by the neighbor's dog, I'd had enough. We played inside for a while, ate, bathed, played some more, and hit the hay. Well, he hit the hay. I hit the couch. Since I'm unable to watch all my usual shows (because I record them at home and will view them later), I am once again addicted to HGTV. It was my channel of choice back when I was booby feeding the boy in the wee hours every night. I love Dear Genevieve, Design Star, Designed to Sell, Design on a Dime, Property Virgins, and Color Splash: Miami. You can get so many awesome ideas for home improvements and decorating when watching HGTV. Honey? I have some things I want to do...

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