Saturday, July 31, 2010

At the top of Mt. Helix.

Axel and I woke up Friday thinking about Brillo. It is very strange not having him here. Everything I thought of to do when I woke up and began planning our day involved Brillo activities. Walking around the Village? No fun without Brillo. Hiking? But what about Brillo? Fiesta Island? It's a dog park, for crying out loud!

We finally settled on hiking Cowles Mountain, which can be a Brillo thing to do, but which is easier and faster without a hot dog stopping in every single spot of shade along the entire trail. SO, we decided to take advantage of our lack of a dog and hike the front side all the way to the top.

Axel sang most of the way up, and we had a grand old time, in spite of the fact that every dog we saw made us miss Brillo all the more. About half way down, I glanced over my shoulder and noticed Axel's head bobbing around. He was out cold. He woke up when I put him in his car seat, and he stayed awake in the car, but he was happy to get into bed to take his nap when we returned home. I think we'll hike it again Sunday. WE MISS YOU, BRILLO!

At the bottom of Mt Helix.

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