Friday, June 25, 2010

Grandma's Visit!

Axel's Grandma Olson was here visiting June 7-16, and we had lots of fun!

When Grandma was here, we had a lot of fun playing in the yard!

Grandma is freakishly strong, and she helped me chase Brillo around the yard while I giggled.

Grandma taught me lots of things, like how to catch and throw a ball!

And we practiced walking and balancing. I'm getting better.

I still like crawling best, but I think I might walk soon.

On Saturday, June 12th, my mommy ran in the Camp Pendleton Mud Run, so I got to tag along. Grandma and I had fun while everybody was running.

Mommy's posture is horrible in this picture, but oh well. Those are her friends, Sean and Jennifer Murphy. Jen called Mom on Thursday and asked her if she wanted to run. Sucker! Mom ran great and was very proud of herself, esp. since she hadn't been training. If you look her up in the results, use the name "Josh Hopkins." Haha.

On Sunday, we all went to Great Grandma's house in Carlsbad to have breakfast. That was fun! Afterward, we went to the Del Mar dog beach with Brillo. We all got a little wet.

As usual, I rode around on Mommy's back.

Of course, I had tons of fun playing with Grandma on the beach.

Brillo was splashing us, and it was so fun.

See how much Grandma loves me? That's the Del Mar Fair in the background. Mom says we can go when I get older.

Brillo is like a bunny rabbit.

I like to put my face in the sand. Mommy says it makes it look like I have freckles.

This is Mommy helping me walk.

Look! My hair matches Mommy's!

Sand freckles...

While Grandma was here, Daddy's good friends Russ and Andrea had a BBQ for Andrea's birthday. That was the Sunday before Grandma left. They have boy and girl twins, and they have cool toys! I got to drive Claudia's hotrod.

Here I am in Zimmer's swing, being pushed by the neighbor's sweet boy. I think his name is Christian.

Weeeee! I love G forces!!! Higher! Faster!

Here I am riding on Zimmer's fire truck. I have one of these, too. That's not Zimmer driving. That's a friend.

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