Friday, June 18, 2010

Coronado yields smiles...again.

Axel and I are planning to go to Coronado this Sunday to bike around to the various open houses, if there are any. We're going with a friend of ours from La Mesa. To do that, we needed to go to Holland's Bike Shop there in Coronado to buy an iBert Safety Seat and a Specialized helmet. We did our research and decided these were the best combo for our purposes.

Axel super loves his helmet and seat. He feels like he is in command when we are biking around. And how cute is that helmet? It's one of the smallest I've come across, so it works great. We were going to wait for Axel's birthday to get the helmet and seat, but we got them early, since we need them Sunday.

When my mom was visiting last week, we went to a surf shop in Bird Rock and bought a really cool little rash guard suit for Axel. It'll protect him from the sun here and during our upcoming visit to Hawaii!

That's Brillo on the left, in the background. H was pretty glad we had to go to Coronado for Axel's bike gear. He always wants an excuse to go to the beach!

It's impossible to keep this tiny amphibian out of the water. Luckily, it was pretty warm today.

My boys love seaweed.



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