Saturday, June 19, 2010

Flag Day La Mesa, June 5th

Flag Day in La Mesa occurred on the 5th of June, a Saturday. I'm always out of town for this down-home celebration, so I was stoked to finally get to attend. The boys and I went down to Sherri's shop, Handful of Wildflowers, to enjoy the parade and drink mimosas. It was fun to hang out with friends and see a traditional, grassroots, hometown-America parade. It had a high school band, kids in little league and soccer uniforms, people on horseback, Polynesian dancers, old cars, Shriners on mini clown cars, local politicians, proud veterans, and all sorts of floats and festivities. This was what America is all about. Patriotic flag waving, families, pride, and neighborliness.

At the parade, Axel met his future wife...perhaps. Piper is a very sweet and cute "older girl", and she taught Axel a thing or two about "first base." Daddy will be so proud.

First, the approach.

Next, lean in, and open wide.

Axel caught on quickly and started leaning in to initiate the kisses.

The head-tilt.

Going in for the kill.

One more, for luck.

Even a true ladies' man needs a break from the action to take a nap and sample a tasty beverage.

Brillo wondering why the boy is in a kennel.

Brillo looking forlorn.

Axel having a rip-roaring good time in his play pen. Note the patriotic duds and stuff.

Axel didn't care too much for the loud sirens that the police cars and fire trucks were sounding. Enough, already! Brillo and Wolfgang didn't care for them, either. They both started howling. I'd never heard Brillo howl before. So funny.

We decorated Axel's buggy for the occasion.

Brillo did have fun, despite his best efforts.

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