Friday, May 21, 2010

Still diggin' that push wagon!

Axel, being the adventurous son of two adult monkeys, found another creative way to play with his wagon.

As soon as I put Axel down on the floor to play in the living room this morning, he bee-lined for his new walker wagon, stood up, and tried to take off. It was up against his rocking horse and Brillo's bed, though, so he couldn't go anywhere. He was pumping his body back and forth as hard as he could, to no avail. Poor thing. I turned it around and he took off, TURNED THE CORNER, and practically ran across the room to Brillo's dog door. It was soooo cool. And when he can't walk with it, he plays with the wooden blocks I put in its little compartment. We sure do love this toy!

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